Preview of Neo Uruk!

June 16, 2012 in Table Top, The Shaft Ball by Doc

And now a taste of things to come!

So I have mentioned on a few occasions and hinted on others that setting for Division was being realized in 3D. Well seeing as the Kickstarter is right around the corner, I think this is as good a time as any to show you we aint messing around. Feel free to click on any of these images to blow them up.

Let me get a few things out of the way first, however. For those that aren’t aware, Neoteric Uruk is the primary setting for Division. What this means development wise is that I plan for the majority of the games content to take place here. That’s a good thing because this place is huge. My 3D artist greg is no slouch when it comes to buildings and architecture, and this complex shows it. around half the size of Manhattan and built to scale, there should be no problems stuffing all kinds of content into this beast. I wanted this are designed in 3D to cover a few angles:

  1. I want to make sure the game content has accuracy. A 3D model allows for everything to be built to scale, which also means as we develop top down combat maps, they will have proper and consistent scaling.
  2. Artistic consistency. Having a 3D model means as I produce art, there will be no second guessing where things are, and buildings along with other landmarks will always be were their supposed to. You may not see much of the 3D model itself, but just having it means the art along the way will build a better vision of the city for you.
  3. Collaboration. Ultimately this city has grown into a living, breathing place. More so than I would have ever done by myself. I’m still amazed looking at it, and I think you will be too.

But enough about that, lets get onto the good stuff. I will break down the different parts of the city for you as we go, so you get a better idea of the role it will play in the game.

Neo Uruk

The city of the future! Built in joint development between the three primary corporations in the game, Rize, Sickle and Temna Kaisha. Neo Uruk, named after the first city in the christian bible, is located in the middle of the Amazon in Brazil. With powered independent magnetic gravitation, it allows for transportation technology simply not allowed anywhere else in the world. The shell of the complex houses solar paneling, acts as an internal antenna for data signals and maintains a low frequency magnetic field. And that’s just the shell!

Rize Tower stands at the center of this two tier complex, engulfing the skyline to make sure everyone knows who holds the power in Neo Uruk. The largest building in the world by itself, and with the addition of the for floating pillars around it, easily the size of a small town. Rize Tower will be home to scheming executives, Scientists crazed with power and all other sorts of villainous people. This will be one of the “holy grails” of Division, equally for those trying to climb to the top and those seeking to tear it down. I wanted to see this structure hang over the city like a bad omen, and Greg pulled it off beautifully!


The upper level, known as the “shelf”, will be home to the worlds most famous high rises, historic buildings and station of the old world. It came to me when Greg and I were talking about the complex, when you run the company that grew powerful enough to overthrow governments,  you probably aren’t happy collecting cars are you? So we started populating the shelf with famous building from around the globe, which made for gorgeous results. This will be where the business of the city is ran. It will be a bright metropolis and the focus of Neo Uruk. If you have a character working with the corporations, this will be the holy land. Rebels looking to cause trouble will want to do it here. But be warned, security is tight on the shelf and Sickle corp. isn’t known for it’s sense of humor.

The bottom level, called the “basement”, is home to the clock punchers, the downtrodden “everyman” of the game. Cookie cutter housing combined with a ceiling catastrophically close let’s you know your place in the world. This part of Neo Uruk is home to the lower class, the rebel and the gangs Rize doesn’t talk about in the press releases.  With constant “rain fall” from ruptured water pipes in the ceiling above and the lack of light, this is definitely meant to show the dark future side of the setting. Rumors also circulate of people from the basement building black market communities inside the shelf itself, only accessible through secret entrances. They say that by diverting power from the maze like network of pipes and electrical shafts that the communities on the inside survive just fine, until Sickle corp. security finds them.

And that’s only the central complex! I wanted to pack in as much crazy stuff as possible into this setting, and we’re just getting started. Neo Uruk can comfortably hold a population of 1.5 million between the shelf and the basement, so there is no telling what kind of trouble you can get into!

The four sectors

As you can see, the city is massive. But we have only touched on the central area. Below I will quickly go over three of the four outlying areas. We still have some work to do on the power plant, so I will get to that later. But we still have all kinds of other content now that I think you guys will love!





Rize has dedicated a huge portion of Neo Uruk to farming, botany and agriculture. In fact it is the main export of Neo Uruk to make sure it stays profitable. A multi layered farm and orchard complex covers the eastern district. But there are secrets kept in the lower, sealed off areas. Some say it is a cover for genetic experimentation on both human and animal. People have been noticing odd plants in the parks and gardens scattered throughout all of Neo Uruk. Rebel groups try to breach both the sector and its data walls, but to no avail, yet.




Ran almost exclusively by the Tenma Kaisha, this lush sector comes with everything you would want for rest and relaxation. Stay in the hotels, enjoy a day golfing on the green or rent a private floating cabana for the weekend. Get a little more adventurous and you might find your way to the famed “prohibition” section, where some of the old vices are still up for grabs. Word is around about a thriving black market somewhere in the resort, where you can find anything from drugs, weapons and even cybernetic enhancements if you have the Amero for it.

But one thing everyone knows is this is the place for information. whether Anon or corporate you will never find better info about anything than you will find here.

Greg wanted to fit all kinds of crazy stuff in here, and he’s off to a good start. From the statue of liberty to the Sydney opera house, the combination of attractions is crazy here, and just thinking of these backdrops in a game? Man, that sounds cool!

Don’t worry though, the resort area won’t be that weird pink/purple.


This baby is my favorite part. I knew from the beginning I wanted to blends elements of mysticism with technology. Augmented reality seemed like the perfect way to get them working together in a fresh way that made sense. This is how I wanted to tell that story from the cities point of view.

The reason Rize chose Brazil as the location for Neo Uruk was mostly due to the ancient ruins in the area. The eccentric and mysterious C.E.O. of Rize had made the earlier purchase of the Vatican library, and opened a small but expensive new department in the company solely for research into this area.

Afterwards he went on a mad spending spree buying up ancient artifacts form around the world and placing them in Neo Uruk. Months were spent in the layout of these artifacts alone, as though he was building something, even duplicating such monuments as stone henge and the sphinx. A huge lab has built for the sealed off area, with all of its members essentially locked inside.

That’s when people started seeing odd thing’s within A.R. Some start telling stories of “angels” and “demons” disguised as normal people walking the streets, others form gangs to hunt these things down.

stranger still are the rumors of an underground network, almost like a dungeon beneath the ruins. No one knows if it was there already or if Rize is building a second secret facility for some dark purpose…

Or maybe Greg designed it for a little of both! I had always enjoyed the old dungeon crawling days, and he knew it. Besides everything else you have seen already, there is a massive amount of space to play with under the ruins. In fact this whole thing is just a beast! And with all the stuff we have planned I can’t help but think you will be able to play around here for a long time before you even start to think about leaving.



That does it!

Thanks for taking the time to look through this, I know it was a little wordy. But I think you can see we have all kinds of stuff planned, and we’ve been hard at work! The best part is this doesn’t even scratch the surface of what I want the finished product to be.

So let me know what you think?! Comment below with your cool ideas, what you think I could be doing better or anything else that crosses your mind!