These are all the projects and products related to Act Ten. Below you will find more information about each project, as well as where you can find it:


Act Ten Core Rules line

Release: 2013

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The core rules was the first of my publications. This table top RPG is a set of universal rules, adaptable to any setting. I’ve reduced the price on everything in the line, as my time has landed me on other projects, and support for the line has been reduced.

Future plans include a second edition, taking cues from the new Seekers of Sinalia system, but retaining all the best parts of the original. The new addition will come with an expanded world, and a fresh spin on the cyberpunk theme.

page imageSoft Core

Release: 2016

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Soft Core is a collaborative drinking game played with up to six people. Played by describing the ridiculous situations happening in a “quality” B film, or creating dialogue for the characters using the cards in your hand and your own ingenuity.  The basics of the game are simple: One team wants the movie to be a hit, the other team wants to see it flop. Using the scene cards as cues for your turn, everyone takes turns trying to score points for their side, and handing out drinks to the opposition.


Seekers of Sinalia

Release: Coming Soon

An original fantasy RPG system and setting, pitting players as the Seekers against dark forces known as the Blight. Both forces take sides in a spiritual war over the power of Essentia, which is the underlying fabric of creation for all of Sinalia. As Seekers, you will join up to three guilds, master your skills, and fight for the future of your world. You will engage in tactical combat as a group, fighting for control over Essentia Shrines, and beating back the Blight that intends to undo all things.

A table top RPG with card and board game influences, this will be a feature rich game. You can take advantage of over one hundred job combinations, a unique take on items and gear creation, and a new spin on running a tabletop game. Rules and assets are nearing completion on this project.


Release: Coming Soon

Not all of Sinalia wages war against the Blight. In fact, many of the kingdoms have their eyes on a different matter all together: The sport of Eleblitz! Prepare to take your team to the field against other Elemasters, and battle your way to glory! Refine your team of Noma, training and equipping them with your hard earned coin. Move through ranks and leagues of the best Eleblitz teams, to the very top!

Eleblitz is a print and play board game, intended for 2-4 players. You will assemble a team, an Elemaster, and pick a field type. Then, you will move your team out against your opponent, fighting your way to their life line, scoring points until one team is victorious. As a tie-in to S.o.S., there will be full support for using your Sinalia characters as Elemasters, and tying the Eleblitz story into your S.o.S. RPG.


Chroma Clash

Release: Coming Soon

The beginning of all creation was an eternal nothing, a whiteness so bright nothing else could possibly exist. But celestial winds bring change to everything eventually, as it did to the white goddess. Soon the Chroma were born, four gods of the color spectrum that would have the power to create Sinalia. Now you will take control of one of the Chroma, battling your way to victory as the ruler of Sinalia!

Chroma Clash is a card game for up to four players. As a competitive combo building game, you will choose one of the four Chroma, and try to build a chain of attacks to decimate your opposition. Every character is specialized in their own style of combat, with multiple play styles to choose from. This game will be released after Sinalia and Eleblitz, and will of course tie in to both games.