docMy name is Chris Martin, but most people call me “Doc”. I’ve been an illustrator and graphic designer for over ten years now. I’ve also been publishing games for about four.

I actually started designing a long time before that, though. I grew up in Southern California, in a town called Burbank. Me and my friends took pretty quickly to role playing games, when we weren’t plugging quarters away in arcades (yeah, that was a long time ago). I was that guy in the group that was never happy with a system, always looking for a better option. What started with me hacking up other games would eventually turn into making my own.

After spending a few years doing design and illustration work, I looked back on the fun and fulfillment I had making those games. Now, way too many years later, I spend my time trying to step my game up and publish games people can enjoy on the relatively cheap.

Now I live with my Girlfriend and three lesser beasts, in the tri-state area of Arizona. In our free time, we have fun with friends, bonfires, and beers. I still enjoy games in general, and try to play as much as possible.

Though my game design schedule is erratic, my plan is to keep trying to get games out, so that one day I can do it full time. It’s something I really enjoy, and it’s more gratifying than any other job I’ve had.

Well, that’s the short version anyways. Thanks for reading, and have a good one!